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Update* Fight! FSU Football Versus Phi Beta Sigma

Word down in Tallahassee is that there was something like a WWF Royal Rumble. But instead of the NWO against the WWF, we had the FSU Football Team versus the Phi Beta Sigma Chapter at FSU. The details are still coming in, but we do know that at 12:37 pm yesterday there was a huge fight at the Student Union on the FSU campus between more than 10 members of the two factions. Talking about getting it popping. The FSU Football Team must have been stepping too damn close!

Word on the street is the fight was started when a frat member sucker punched freshman receiver Taiwan Easterling at the student union. An all out war ensued with folks from both sides jumping in to help their fellow fraternity members and teammates. It looks as tho the football team was able to get the best of the frat members because they were all at practice today and none had injuries.

On the other hand four people had to go to the hospital – two males (probs frat members) and two chicks who seemed to have been innocent bystanders, hit by a flying chair. Got Damn. Still more details after the jump.

This excerpt comes from NoleInsider.com:

An FSU official has confirmed to NoleInsider.com that redshirt freshman receiver Taiwan Easterling was punched by an unknown assailant in the FSU student union by a member of the Phi Beta Sigma fraternity, and that Easterling had been harassed and threatened by fraternity members for the last few days.

According to an FSU team source, after Easterling was punched, he fought back as several FSU Football, including fellow receivers Bert Reed, Greg Carr and Corey Surrency, rushed to his defense.

*The other story of course alleges that it was the football player who instigated everything and sucker punched the frat dude. But, in both stories there seems to have been some bad blood between the two parties prior to the fight. And unfortunately it smells as tho it was because someone knocked someones girl (hopefully she was as dime as Megan Goode). We will work to clear everything up as the day goes on…



  1. Stizzle March 30, 2009

    This is definitely not what the founders of Greek Fraternities had in mind when they were borne. We must hold ourselves to a higher standard and resist the temptation to rectify disagreements with anything other than communication.


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