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Feeling The Heat: LeBron & Crew Holler At ESPN


It looks like ESPN got it right with this interview with the Big 3 Miami Thrice Miami 316, placing LeBron James in the middle with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh to each side of the King. The Heat haven’t done anything yet, but much like when a dime piece cuts her eye at you (and isn’t working) it just feels like its about to be on and cracking.

Regardless of how they are referred to, the Heat’s dynamic trio has yet to determine a nickname for themselves yet, but rest assured by the start of the season that should have something for the squares to hold on to. This is easily one of the most anticipated seasons since Jordan was playing…and not with the Wizards.

The Heat may have gotten all the attention this offseason, but make no mistake, the Lakers beefed up their roster as well. And considering that they already had 3 superstars on the squad (Artest is a defensive genius) and the most versatile big man in the League in Lamar Odom (solid actor too), we may finally get the LeBron-Kobe final match up that Nike has been salivating for.


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