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Brighten My Day Celebrity Fat Booty Friday

FBF: Volume 124 (aka That “Manti Cake’o” Edition) *NSFW*



Checks Here! In honor of former Notre Dame linebacker (and certified Captian Save’em All Day) Manti Te’o we present this extra special “Manti Cake’o” edition of the phenomenon that we like to call Fat Booty! Friday.

Much has been made about Te’o being the victim of a solid catfish, loving a boo that he never even met in real life, but there should also be attention brought to the lesser known cakefishing — where chicks purposely try to give the appearance of a solid cheek game through unnatural enhancements.

So go ahead and make your next move your best one and take a look at some authentic cakes to get your weekend started on the right cheek (and the left one ya dig).


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