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Brighten My Day Fat Booty Friday Swag

FBF: NBA All-Star Weekend Edition (Volume 24)


It’s Friday, and even if you got a job (and ‘ish to do) you should make your next move your best one, take a 5-12 minute breather, and enjoy all the luscious cheeks that Fat Booty! Friday has to offer.

For Volume 24, we decided to pay tribute to the 2011 NBA All-Star Weekend which is also kicking off today, and all the flips, groupies, hooker, dimes etc. that will be converging on Los Angeles, with many carrying suitable donkey booties that will surely have the ballerticians tricking what they got (if that’s tricking).

So check out yet another sampling of some rotund cheeks after the jump…



  1. kevin cain February 18, 2011

    you got a fat ass


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