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Favre Doesn’t Speak On Alleged Dick Pic, But Says “Hands Full” With Jets

[video via KSK]


After seeing the alleged pics of Brett Favre’s (petite) meat, Its good to know that I would have no problem beating him in a pissing contest over the Golden Gate bridge (yes, the water is deep too). Favre is in full denial mode following the Deadspin expose of phone messages and dick pics sent to former Jets employee Jenn Sterger.

But with alleged pics of his meat moving around the web quick, fast and in a hurry, Favre will likely have some explaining to do in the near to immediate future. He might want to consider making a courtesy call to Ari Fleischer to see how much his services smell like.

Even though our stance has generally been to avoid showing any meat (besides a nice ribeye) on The Chaser, when it’s the wanker of a future Hall of Famer, we can’t deny your right to be curious, so check out the Favre (alleged) dick pic after the jump…


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