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Fan Vids: South Florida’s Cheerleaders Like To Flip


Apparently, all the cheerleaders at the University of South Florida are flips, but not in the traditional sense of the word. Each member of the Bulls cheer squad has to do a backflip in recognition for each point the football team scores during home games, as the mostly drunken crowd counts along.

Lucky for the USF cheerleaders, there aren’t any (overly) sloppy chicks on the roster, to hamper them when put in situations like last Saturday, when the Bulls dominated Stony Brook 59-14.

Then again, 59 flips is never a bad thing.

Texans cheerleaders getting a little raunchy during the final preseason game against the Cowboys after the jump…

The Houston Texans’ cheerleaders dancing during the two minute warning in the second half of the Texans vs Cowboys preseason game on August 28, 2010.


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