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Fan Gets Called Out For Posting Picture With Pump Fake Arian Foster

Fake Arian Foster Picture


A supposed Texans fan was the victim of some mistaken identity this past weekend, posting this photo with who she thought was Texans star running back Arian Foster, before finding out that she was the victim of a pump fake.

After a few people attempted to let her know that dude wasn’t Arian Foster, Foster himself took to twitter to confirm that it wasn’t him in the pic:

Arian Foster Tweet

In the fan’s defense, dude did somewhat look like Arian Foster, or a light-skindid version of Idris Elba, and he obviously had no problem playing the role or embracing a thirsty female showing him love.

I was in this dude shoes not too long ago, getting mistaken for Dwight Howard by legendary chef  Wolfgang Puck, even though every knows that I’m way more light-skindider and better looking.

That didn’t stop me from letting him jock me, or hitting him with my customary, “appreciate ya black man!” as he walked away.


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