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Exclusive: Kobe Says That He’s The 2nd Best Player In NBA History


A lot of people like to claim that Kobe is the best ever (present company not included) but where does the Black Mamba think he ranks in the debate?

Our cameras picked up this conversation between Kobe and NBA journeyman Marcus Banks during Kobe’s one-and-only appearance this past Summer at the famed Drew League in Los Angeles.

During a stoppage in play, Kobe casually walks over to the bench to do a little boasting to Banks, who wasn’t in the game at the time.

Kobe gives his list for the greatest of all times and surprisingly he puts hall of famer and fellow Philly native Wilt Chamberlain at the top, followed by himself and then Michael Jordan, proceeding to note that, “it’s a short list.”

Whilst we definitely respect Kobe’s opinion, we also respectfully disagree with his GOAT list, as the Black Mamba fails to mention either of his Laker brethren in Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and/or Magic Johnson, not to mention the current best player in the NBA LeBron James.



  1. faggot publisher February 25, 2012

    lebron is not the current best faggot

  2. Tyler March 7, 2012

    He was talking about most points scored in a game wilt-100 kobe-81 mj-69… get your facts straight buddy.

  3. BROSEFOLOPHOGUS March 7, 2012

    Thanks buddy. But if we are getting our facts straight then lets do some research on David Thompson and Elgin Baylor and how many points they scored in a game. Why don’t you get back to me after you’re finished. I’ll wait.


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