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EXCLUSIVE: James Harden’s Mom Says Beard “Looks Good” But Warns Girls To Stay Away


Saw a few articles within the past few days about how James Harden went on the radio and said that his Mom, Monja Willis, wasn’t rolling with his now legendary beard, and recalled an interview that we did with her on the most legendary beard in the League.

Well apparently Harden’s mom has had a change of heart because when we asked her about her thoughts on the NBA’s version of a Rick Ross facial hair expression and she said that her son’s beard, “looks good.”

Willis also gave a backstory on Harden’s beard, which is so famous that it even has it’s own twitter handle, saying that during James’ days at Arizona State he was the youngest dude in the Pac-10 and grew out the beard to feel older (and quite possibly, colder).

In addition to vouching for the beard then, Harden’s mom also warned any potential ladies that might be interested in hollering at her son to stay away, although it appears that legendary rapper Trina didn’t pay attention to that request.

Check out the video of James Harden’s mom saying his beard looks good after the jump…


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