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*Exclusive* Interview with the Legendary O’Bannon Brothers From UCLA

The Insider Jun 30


There’s been a lot of talk about the O’Bannons lately, and we were lucky enough to to sit down with both of the brothers, Ed and Charles, this past weekend out in Vegas to clear up all the rumors….nice looking out guys!

Now if you grew up in LA in the mid-90s, you know these dudes were the biggest legends in Los Angeles at the time…the Lakers sucked, the Clippers sucked even more, and nobody cared about the Kings.

It was 1995 and UCLA Basketball ran the city… and the O’Bannons ran the show. Ed was National Player of the Year, Charles was the sickest dunker in college basketball. #13 and #31 were the nicest. So what are they really up to now?…

Plus, they finally comment on Lil Wayne taking shots at them on “Cannon” off the Dedication 2. Yeah, ya’ll remember the line: “Listen close i got duct tape and rope/I’ll leave you missin like tha (f)uckin’ O’Bannons”.


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