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Exclusive: Donald Sterling’s Side Boo Informant Voicemail Leak (New Audio)

Donald Sterling Side Boo Informant Voicemail


Jerseychaser has acquired more than 2 minutes of audio from a voicemail left on one of Clippers owner Donald Sterling’s burner cell phones from a man named “Dennis”, who was Sterling’s side boo informant, tasked with monitoring Donald T.’s ex-girlfriend V. Stiviano’s movements on social media, including her instagram account.

Although it is unclear when this voicemail was left on Sterling’s phone, what is certain is that it was the direct catalyst for the conversation that Sterling had with Stiviano (aka Maria Vanessa Perez), in which he expressed racist views towards minorities, including NBA great and current Dodgers owner Magic Johnson, in addition to Clippers players.

If the original 9-minute tape acquired by TMZ, or extended 15-minute tape acquired by Deadspin left any doubt in your mind of Sterling’s views towards minorities, this audio will unequivocally prove that Sterling is racister than a mug.

This additional leak should be a reminder to us all to never let your main side boo and/or ignorant ass friends gas you up into doing something stupid.


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