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Ewwww: Lisa Salters Tries On Game-Worn Kobe Mask Before Heat-Lakers Game


NBA sideline reporter Lisa Salters decided to put some extras on her in-game report on the now infamous “Kobe Mask,” going where no woman and/or man (besides The Black Mamba) has gone before and actually giving the facial apparatus a test run.

Initially Salters merely reported that she had tried on the mask and commented on the process of how it got made whilst throwing in that she had actually put it on.

ESPN eventually put up a clip of Salters in the mask, giving it a solid punch to the face to show the mask’s versatility.

Big Tom Callahan once said, “you can get a good look at a T-bone by sticking your head up a bull’s ass, but I’d rather just take the butcher’s word for it.”

Perhaps Salters should have followed this advice instead of trying on Kobe’s nasty/sweaty game-worn mask.

[via @cjzero]



  1. Before May 19, 2012

    Lisa Salters Tries On Game-Worn Kobe Mask Before Heat-Lakers Game.

    I see nothing wrong here. ”Before” is the key word. He probably washed it before hand.


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