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Ewwww: Drunk Fan In Blackhawks Jersey Shows Off Gut, Man Boobs & Soiled Boxers At Hockey Game


This dude right here is inebriated to say the least. As you know, we don’t generally roll with hockey here at JerseyChaser (minus the occasional fisticuffs), so it usually takes something fairly interesting to grab our attention.

Not really sure what provoked this dude in a poor man’s Chicago Blackhawks to start doing an impromptu strip tease, including unzipping his pants and giving himself a Melvin that would surely make Bill & Ted proud, but guaranteed he will try to blame it on the alcohol(s).

I’ve never been a huge fan of watching a highly-intoxicated, morbidly obese man showing off his gut (aka boiler) and man boobs, but in this particular instance it is somewhat fascinating and entertaining to boot.


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