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Ewww: Matt Schaub Gets Holyfield’d (Loses Piece of Ear) After Helmet-to-Helmet Hit With Joe Mays


Texans quarterback showed his teammates and the rest of the NFL that he ain’t no punk, after suffering a demoralizing hit from Broncos’ linebacker Joe Mays, that was so vicious that Schaub actually lost a piece of his left ear in the aftermath.

Mays ran at Schaub with a full head of steam and laid a devastating blindside hit on the quarterback moments after releasing the ball, causing Schaub’s helmet to fall off as he crashed to the ground–just nearly avoiding hitting his head on the turf.

Although Schaub appeared to suffer a concussion on the play, following an extremely brief medical evaluation, Schaub returned back to action after missing just one play.

Now Schaub and former Heavyweight Boxing champion Evander Holyfield, with both men losing a piece of their ear participating in the sport they love. At least Schaub’s was an accident though.

Video of Matt Schaub losing a piece of his ear after a vicious hit from Joe Mays after the jump…


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