Eva Longoria Rolling with the Alabama Crimson Tide

UNOME. Tony Parker had 55 points, carrying the Spurs to their first win. And in more important news, his boo was spotted at an Alabama Football Game last weekend. With celebrities starting to jump onto the college football bandwagon because of great TV viewership numbers that even American Idol would be proud of, all sorts of Celebrity JerseyChaser’s have surfaced. One of these being Mrs. Tony Parker, Eva Longoria (pictured above on the right).

However instead of her supporting her own school, Texas A&M University-Kingsville, who has legendary alums like Jim Hill and Gene Upshaw, she turned her back on them in favor of Alabama. Tisk, tisk. Attending last weeks Alabama vs Arkansas State game and she was seen rocking an Alabama jersey that said “Mrs. Parker” on the back. Since she was on the field the entire game we have not gotten word if she even knows the Alabama Rammer Jammer, but she is rumored to be “a huuuuuge Alabama fan”. Eva you grew up and went to school in Texas, this is just just bad form. Fans we do not condone this type of behavior. But, I guess thats what 9-0 gets you. A Hollywood A-Lister. What’s next Paris Hilton routing for Penn State.

(Photo from UA media relations’ Kent Gidley)
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  1. forget eva. i would thickness on the left

  2. The game was Alabama vs. Arkansas State not Alabama State.

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