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Erin Andrews…Better 1, Better 2, Or Better 3

Kodackid Jul 15


Finally we have someone for Erin Andrews to battle against. Same fit, three different hot girls to choose from…so which one was rocking it the hottest?

And even though Heather Graham has been one of our faves ever since we saw her as Roller Girl… and we’ve been wanting to date Kristin since her Laguna Beach days…we got to roll with Erin Andrews on this one.

You can’t beat a chick that’s a dime and 5’10.

But this was an ESPY party so enough about Erin Andrews…let’s move onto the other spottings below…we’ve got TO, LaLa, and the best college basketball player in the nation, Lil’ Romeo! Thanks to The Big Lead on the assist.

Monday… TO Reality Series Comes On….


He’s got bigger earrings than most NBA players..


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