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Questionable Call

The Legend Of Erin Man Handrews….

With all the buzz surrounding College sports around this time it troubles us to relay some info that came to our attention recently.

So we heard that a nasty rumor is circulating across the globe that legendary ESPN dime-piece reporter Erin Andrews suffers from a moderate case of Man Hands. While we cannot confirm these allegations we are currently in the process of reaching out to our network in a desperate attempt to debunk these egregious claims.

With much attention focused on the Florida Gators opening of spring football practice and the return of Tim Tebow, it would be sad to uncover that Andrews, who is a former Gator and one of the QB’s biggest supporters, has hands firmer than his.

All we can say is man hands or not, she is still hot. And we would still mash those potatoes…for sure.


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