Early Doucet Gets Cracked By Dashon Goldson’s Legal Hit


Niners safety Dashon Goldson may have come through with the biggest highlight during his squad’s Monday Night NFC West Showdown with the Cardinals — cracking wide receiver Early Doucet with one of the most vicious (legal) hits of the season.

Doucet ran a short route across the middle and appeared to make the catch before Goldson came in like a missile, decleating Doucet as the ball popped out for an incompletion.

Following the incredible hit, Goldson went so ham that it was actually prosciutto.

Guaranteed Doucet will be a little nervous every time he goes across the middle for the rest of his career.

Video of Dashon Goldson laying the wood (No Amaechi) on Early Doucet after the jump…

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