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Dwight Thought He Could Run KOBE Out of LA?

Shan Jul 13

Dwight Howard Amnesty Kobe


Now that Dwight Howard has signed with Houston, some reports of his negotiations with the Lakers are starting to leak.

The most interesting is the report that Howard seemed to think he could get the Lakers to drop Kobe Bryant. Yes, that Kobe Bryant. The face of the Lakers. From Yardbarker:

Howard and Co. even went as far as to suggest that the Lakers cut Bryant with the league’s amnesty provision. That was part of some scheming they were doing to figure out how the team could get cap space so the Lakers could go after other players, such as free agent Chris Paul. “But the Lakers, sources said, made it clear the prospect of releasing Bryant or simply trying to lay out a finite timetable on the end of his career with the franchise was not under consideration, believing those decisions should and would be made by Bryant,” ESPN reports.

I will let my girl J-Law express my feelings on the subject:

J Law Thumbs Up


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