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Lakers Superstar Dwight Howard Will Be Working With Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in Near Future


After settling in Los Angeles, getting a deal done with the Lakers and meeting arguably the greatest basketball player of all times in Kareem Abdul-Jabbar back in September, the square media feasted on the prospects of the new heir-apparent linking up with Cap to learn a few things — but that never really came into fruition.

But now it looks like D12 is ready to work with Kareem in the near future — Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Jr. that is.

Kareem’s eldest son, and a solid baller at Valpo and Western Kentucky in the mid to late 90’s, posted the following facebook (some people still use it) status update Monday night:

So it looks like Dwight Howard WILL be working with Kareem after all, just booked a Footlocker commercial.

If that doesn’t make you jajaja, even just a courtesy, then you’re likely not a legend — even of the lowest order.


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