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Dwight Howard Chops Game With Stephen A. Smith on Lakers, Kobe and Dipping to Rockets

Dwight Howard Sunday Conversation


For the first time since announcing his decision to take his talents to Houston (aka Screwston, Booston and/or side booston), Rockets center Dwight Howard spoke candidly with ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith, in a one-on-one conversation which debuted Sunday.

Although Howard tried to remain politically correct on the subject, he also admitted without admitting that riffs with Kobe were a contributing factor in his decision to make his next move his best one by taking less money for what he perceives to be a better situation for him and his families, also known as “LeBron Syndrome.”

Howard also appeared to have gained a measure of maturity in the wake of the biggest free agency move since back-to-back NBA MVP, Champion and Finals MVP LeBron James ascended to goatness, acknowledging that he had some responsibility for the situation with the Lakers.

My focus can not be on Kobe and what he did, and I have to look back and say, “I allowed that situation to happen…”

But now D12 looks ahead to a bright future with the Rockets, playing with burgeoning superstar James Harden, who in essence is a younger version of Kobe sporting that Rick Ross beard, but just as willing as the Mamba to get buckets at all times.

It will be interesting to see how Howard plays in this type of situation, as Harden is likely planning on trying to challenge Carmelo Anthony and KD for the scoring record next season.


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