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Duh: Heat Fire Majority Of Season Ticket Sales Team


At least one aspect of the Miami community (unlike the local strip clubs) has felt a negative impact with King James’ decision to bounce (like roundball) to South Beach–the Heat season ticket staff. A team once known for having difficulty slanging tickets to the uppity South Beach scene, now must feel something like Marlo, when he got his package back out.

There is no need for the Heat to have a full-time crew of workers trying to convince people to buy tickets to come see the likes of LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, Juwan Howard, Mike Miller not to mention Carlos Arroyo and Eddie House. Heat tickets are now something similar to Coldplay tickets–once them joints go on sale, you better be ready to scoop them up quick or have to scalp them later and pay that luxury tax.

Everyone has been trying to slight LeBron for his decision, claiming he was now merely a subject in Wade county. The reality is that King James is an international icon, that can slang jerseys, tickets and allow TV networks to up those ad fees because of the enormous viewing audience he will attract for even the Heat’s wackest game.

Even Shaq and D-Wade had trouble selling out the arena, but that is a problem that King James won’t have for the foreseeable future. Via Miami Herald


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