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Creeper NFL Questionable Call Video

Dude That Looks Like Johnny Weir Gets Punched During Fan Brawl At Redskins Game


For the record, the only reason I know about Johnny Weir is because I’m rolling with the Winter Olympics harder than a tweaker at EDC, and as such, must entertain each and every sport on the docket. But that’s for another post.

This fight cracked off during the Redskins-Vikings game Sunday at FedEx Field, between a group of rival ‘Skins fans. The video starts with the dude that looks like Weir (hereon known as “The DTLLW”) talking some heat to a portly gentleman in a Clinton Portis jersey as a friend of The DTLLW in an Orakpo jersey stumbles around the stands obviously inebriated.

Using the drunk dude in the Orakpo jersey as a shield, The DTLLW tries to rush the dude in the Portis jersey, only to be hit with a series of grill shots before a minor melee ensues.

For what’s its worth, the only person that appeared to suffer any serious injuries was the guy in the Portis jersey, who initiated all of the action by firing the first shot.

[via The Big Lead]

Video of the brawl after the jump…



  1. Clark November 30, 2010

    hahaha Kinda looks like a cracked out Jimmy Fallon


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