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Dude Avoids Awkward Kiss Cam Moment at Hockey Game with “My Sister” Sign

My Sister Kiss CAM sign


In one of the funnier moments from this year’s Valentine’s festivities, a dude at a Minnesota Gophers hockey game achieved Legend status after avoiding an awkward “Kiss Cam” moment by pulling out a sign reading, “My Sister” to eliminate confusion.

The video starts with the camera focused on the couple sitting in the stands watching the Kiss Cam festivities on the jumbotron, as the dude reaches into his coat to retrieve the sign, just in case he ends up being featuring with his sister, who is sitting right next to him.

Once they hit the jumbotron, the dude keeps a straight face whilst unraveling his neatly folded sign and holding it up for everyone to see.

After seeing so many fake jumbotron moments in which teams hire actors and dancers to “organically” participate in an arena gag, there is always a level of doubt, but this appears to be a genuine moment by a dude that not only knows that he has a decently hot sister, but has no desire to get clowned by an arena full of thousands of people.


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