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Doug Gottlieb Owned By Jim Mora During Interview


Doug Gottlieb got punked on his radio show Thursday by former Falcons head coach Jim Mora. The conversation got a little testy during a discussion on Mora’s former quarterback Michael Vick. Gottlieb tried to get Mora to respond about Vick’s perceived laziness while he was still balling in Atlanta and whether or not Mora could have kept his gig if things were different.

The question obviously got a little under Mora’s skin, causing him to respond, “I don’t live in the past.” From that point Gottlieb tried to move forward to McNabb’s return to Philly and if Eagles fans should cheer or boo their former qb.

Apparently Mora isn’t too fond of mind-reading causing him to get beyond salty, delivering the following response:

I don’t know, how do you feel?…Is this your first interview? Jesus Christ, what kinds of  questions are these. How should they feel? I don’t know how people should feel.

Mora’s bitterness and frustration was obvious from that point forward and its a safe bet that little Jimmy won’t be doing any more interviews with Gottlieb for a while.

[via The Big Lead]


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