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Double Big Gulp: Weis Fired, Bowden Retires


Weis fired by Notre Dame after 5 seasons: After getting ample time to build a program, The Irish decided to make their next move their best one by giving Charlie Weis the boot. Not Jake went 35-27 during his tenure with the team, but after a few nasty seasons, including this year’s debacle, the writing was on the wall. With the recruiting season beginning the program is trying to persuade another big name to do God’s work and return Notre Dame to relevancy. We would like to see Jon Gruden take over as this would be the best bet to keep Jimmy Clausen and company in South Bend for another season. But after getting binged in the face less than 2 weeks ago, Clausen might be bouncing like round ball anyway.

Bowden to resign after 34 seasons at Florida State: The Gator massacre this weekend was the final nail in the proverbial coaching coffin of Florida State Legend Bobby Bowden. After a remarkable career that saw Bobby B. win 388 games, second to Joe Pa for the most in FBS history, a string of lackluster seasons lead to alumni and school officials demanding some change they can believe in. Jimbo Fisher will finally get his opportunity to run the show after being named coach-in-waiting back in 2007.

The saddest part about Bowden retiring is that somewhere Joe Pa is crapping his pants, scratching his nipples and wondering out loud who the hell Bobby Bowden is. Paterno’s still gangstering wins, while Bowden’s at the crib.


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