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Donte Stallworth Crashed Because He Was High?!


Yeah, this isn’t going to sit to well with Goodell. Our knigs over in Florida are reporting that not only was Donte Stallworth legally drunk, but he had been cross-fading that night and was high off that sticky-icky. It’s no wonder that he sounded so calm on the phone with police after the crash.

Now he has already been given his punishment: a month in jail, 2 years of house arrest, 8 years probation, and he had to chip off the family of the man he killed for an undisclosed amount of cheese (millions).

But Goodell has yet to say how long he’ll suspend Donte, and you know he is tougher than any judge in the nation. And remember this is the same Donte Stallworth that was in the NFL’s substance abuse program back in ’07 for an “unspecified reason”… Odds are it was for smoking green.


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