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Dodgers Hanley Ramirez Debuts “I See You” Wine

Hanley Ramirez I See You Wine


Along with Cuban sensation Yasiel Puig, Hanley Ramirez has been an integral part of the Dodgers’ legendary recent run, which has seen them go from worst to first in the NL West.

Hanley has also gained recognition for his legendary “I See You” celebration, in which he uses his hands to make some makeshift goggles following a good play.

In honor of his trademark celebration, Ramirez tweeted out his photo of a bottle of “I See You” wine featuring him on the front of the bottle in mid-celebration.

No word exactly what flavor of wine it is, but I wonder if Ramirez has ever noticed how wine makes you feel all sexy.

[via @HanleyRamirez]


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