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DJ Khaled Says “The Streets” Told Him Spurs Cheated in Game 1 of NBA Finals

DJ Khaled Spurs Cheat LeBron Cramp We The Best


The Legend that is DJ Khaled made an appearance on ESPN’s First Take on Tuesday morning and in addition to dominate the consummate square that is Skip Bayless, Khaled also accused the Spurs of cheating in Game 1 of the NBA Finals with the A/C malfunction that caused LeBron to cramp.

DJ Khaled was adamant in his proclamation that the Spurs are cheaters and proceeded to elaborate on his bold claim.

Khaled: They won, but they cheated…see they practiced with no heat

Bayless: …do you know that for a fact?

Khaled: Of course I do, of course I do

Bayless: who’s you source?


As wise man once said that the streets is watching, and apparently the streets is not only watching they are talking now, which is one of the primary reasons that I circle the block before I’m parking now.


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