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Did Penn State Coach Bill O’Brien Drop F-Bomb During Live ESPN Postgame Interview


Bill O’Brien appeared to getting a little profane following Penn State’s OT win over Wisconsin, responding from the virtual death penalty handed down by the NCAA after those Sandusky shenanigans to finish the season at a respectable 8-4.

During his postgame interview live on ESPN, when asked about his team, it sounded like O’Brien responded, “they’re a bunch of fuckers…” in one of the most blatant unprovoked F-bomb droppings in recent memory.

The internet was quick to respond to alleged F-Bomb, but as my main man Larry Brown pointed out, O’Brien didn’t call his team a bunch of “f*ckers,” but instead a bunch of “fighters,” but at first listen it definitely sounded like an F-bomb.

You have to imagine after everything that Penn State has been through with the Sandusky booty-touching incidents and the microscope that the football team operates under, O’Brien would have good enough judgement to not use profanity during a postgame interview.

Video of Bill O’Brien allegedly dropping the F-Bomb after the jump…


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