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Did Kobe Do It: Proof Kobe Paid His Victim For Sure…


Here goes our latest installment of “Did Kobe Do It,” where we are investigating whether Kobe really did the nasty with a chick without asking.

We’ve already shown you that he used to like to treat girls faces like cum dumpsters, that he lied about what happened to the cops, and now here we have him already trying to pay her off and this is just hours after the alleged incident occurred.

Sounds like someone who is guilty to me….but we got more evidence to come.



  1. Jon June 17, 2009

    Who the fuck cares if he did it or not? The constant dick sucking of LeBron on this website is outrageous. What does this have to do with basketball? What does this have to do with Kobe winning the championship and NOT LeBron? You sound like a hater who is pissed off that they don’t get the privilege to have women fawn over you. And do anything to get money out of you. It doesn’t matter if he did it or not he payed her off so this shit wouldn’t be an issue in his life.


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