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Derrick Ward Goes on Epic Twitter Rant Against Sports Squarerrorism in Support of DeSean Jackson

Derrick Ward Desean Jackson Twitter Rant


In one of the more refreshing moments in recent memory, former NFL running back and Super Bowl Champion Derrick Ward came to the defense of DeSean Jackson, after reports surfaced that the Eagles decided to release the pro bowl wide receiver/return specialist because of his gang affiliations.

Ward, who is also a native of South Central Los Angeles and understands gang culture better than most, took exception to some squares over at ESPN trying to be all up in the kool-aid without knowing the flavor and having a discussion on Jackson in which they tried to vilify him whilst making Chip Kelly and the Eagles look like the good guys.

In response to this dose of squarerrorism which networks like ESPN attempt to shove down our throats on the regs, Ward went on a twitter rant of epic proportions.
















There are few things as dangerous as a retire NFL athlete with time on their hands and nothing to lose.


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