Deebo’d: High-School Basketball Player Tackles Ref


UPDATE:  The player, Mason Holland, has been suspended from school and kicked off the basketball team.

A Florida high school basketball player should be receiving an extended vacation, after body-slamming a referee for ejecting him from a game. The action doesn’t get going until about 1:19, when the dude in white, a player for DeSoto high, gets into a minor shoving match with a player from the opposing team.

Apparently the dude has some anger management issues or some deep-seeded bitterness towards high school refs, because after getting the boot, he proceeds to push the ref and then throws the grown man to the ground with extreme hostility.

I guess that’s what happens when you toss a player out of the game for barely getting into it with the other team. You get punked and body slammed.

[via The Big Lead]

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