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Decent Track: Tyga Drops “Lob City” (LA Clippers New Anthem)


Now what we have right here, just might be the first time in the history of the Clippers organization (including the Buffalo Braves, San Diego/LA versions of the team) that a (somewhat) prominent entertainer has taken the time to pay homage to the team with their very own anthem.

Compton rapper Tyga decided to get on the Clippers bandwagon, making an anthem for the team called “Lob City,” a remix of his hit “Rack City,” paying tribute to Blake Griffin’s comment immediately after him and DeAndre Jordan found out CP3 was joining the squad.

The song is decent, but you already know that I would have preferred to have had DJ Quik or even Billy Crystal cut the track, with a cameo from the legend that is Clipper Darrell.


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