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Decent: Peyton Manning “The Darkside” ESPY Parody


Peyton Manning may be one of the squarest athletes in the history of sports (kind of like how we use to think Tiger was before he got dimed out), but he has parlayed this squareness into succesful marketability. When in doubt you can always rely on Peyton Manning to use his dry brand of humor to slang some products.

After getting served by the Saints in the Super Bowl, Manning got the courtesy nod at the ESPYs, appearing in a parody trailer of “The Blindside” called “The Darkside.” The title was meant to reflect an evil Sandra Bullock (thanks to special effects) but at first I thought it was in reference to her eventual decision to start dating black dudes now that she’s single (and hopefully ready to mingle).

The skit started out pretty solid, garnering some legit laughs, but eventually started dragging ass like any Heat roadtrip for the next 5 or so seasons.  And that’s when the courtesy laughs took over like the Saints following that muffed onside kick by Hank Baskett.


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