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Decent: Nike Drops The #KobeSystem Promo Featuring Legends Like Kanye and Jerry Rice


You already know that we have difficulty rolling with Kobe (for reasons that use to be obvious, but seem to disappear when you play for a winner) but we are rolling with Kanye (aka LeBronye), (Swag) Jerry Rice and our Virgin nig (Richard Branson), so we had to give this new Nike promo some love.

Kobe teaching the most successful people across the board how to be even more successful is a legendary concept and we actually had to jajaja (with a few courtesy ones thrown in for good measure) at all the cameos from certified ballerticians.

But one of them other successful cats should have taught Kobe how to keep 100% of his bread (aka cheese, dough or yaper) by not allowing his boo to take half his cheese.

Kanye should have shouted, “We Want Pre-nup!!!”


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