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Decent: Kia Optima Tries To Dunk Over Blake Griffin


In a desperate attempt to keep milking the Blake Griffin dunk over one of their cars Kia has released a new promo featuring a role-reversal for the Clippers All-Star forward.

Instead of trying to see if Griffin can dunk over Kia Optima, they wanted to see what happens when a Kia Optima tries to jump over Blake Griffin.

As you can imagine, the outcome is not what you’d expect, but this was just mereley a decent attempt at what we like to call, “trying to be funny.”

Naturally the squares will take to it like a fish to water, but this promo was dropped about a year too late, especially considering that Griffin didn’t even bother to defend his title in the Dunk Contest this year.

Video of a Kia Optima trying to jump over Blake Griffin after the jump…


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