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Decent: EA Sports Madden NFL ’11 Super Bowl XLV Sizzler (They’re Rolling With The Steelers)


So apparently the Legends/squares over at EA Sports correctly predicted that the Steelers and Packers would meet in Dallas Arlington for Super Bowl XLV and recently released this preview of the matchup for Madden NFL ’11.

Sadly the game simulation wasn’t rolling with the cheese and picked the Steelers to hoist the Lombardi Trophy with a final score of 24-20. Naturally Packers fans aren’t rolling, and this will likely impact Madden NFL ’11’s sales in the Wisconsin area, especially if it comes true.

This prediction may actually be legit though, according to EA Sports:

*Earlier this season, Madden NFL 11 simulated the entire NFL season and correctly predicted the Green Bay Packers as the NFC Champion.  Dating back to Super Bowl XXXVIII, EA SPORTS has conducted the annual Super Bowl simulation using the latest iteration of the Madden NFL franchise.  The Super Bowl XLV simulation was conducted utilizing artificial intelligence powered by real-life data from each team to determine player ratings, and includes variances, such as injuries, to predict the outcome.  Six out of the last seven Super Bowl champions have been accurately predicted by Madden NFL…”

[via Examiner]



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