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Decent (But Not Tight): Blake Griffin Jumps Over Kia Optima En Route To 2011 NBA Dunk Contest Crown

“If a pretty girl is dumb it don’t matter.” – Charles Barkley


Clipper rookie sensation Blake Griffin entered NBA All-Star Weekend with a heavy heart following the death of his best friend Wilson Holloway after a long fight with cancer, but has still managed to put on a show during his maiden voyage, dedicating the Weekend to his main damie (if you’re a square you can googs it).

After an impressive display throughout the dunk contest, Griffin finished up by putting on a show (and some questionable product placement by those clever folks in marketing), jumping over a Kia Optima, which just so happens to be the official vehicle of the NBA.

Teammate Baron Davis was chillaxin’ in the whip, and popped out the sunroof to lob Griffin the ball as he jumped over the front of the car and finished with a nice two-handed dunk.

To add some extra flavor, Griffin was joined on the court by the Crenshaw Elite Choir, who sang R. Kelly’s legendary track “I believe I can fly.” Although my love of the song has diminished slightly after watching R. Kelly piss on underage chicks (only acceptable in the pool or shower), it’s still a banger.

It’s a safe bet, that this probably wasn’t Blake’s idea, but

Charles Barkley’s assessment was pretty much spot-on, comparing the dunk to dating a pretty girl that’s dumb. Whilst the thirst-monger will take whatever he can get, a true gentlemen of leisure has enough charisma to recognize that a chick lacking good brains (x 2), is headed for self-destruction.

In square terms, that means that the dunk may have looked flashy, but you had to lean a little bit closer to smell some tinges of boo boo.

The rest of Blake Griffin’s dunks from Saturday night after the jump…

1st Round

2nd Round

1st Dunk of Final Round


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