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David Stern Hands Down NBA Suspensions…

Kodackid May 07


No surprise to us here. This is what we told you was going to happen this morning, Rafer and The DFish got suspended for the next game. But, what is the NBA doing giving Kobe a Flagrant 1 foul.

Its too late now. It’s not like the Rockets get to shoot the free throw in Game 3. They should have got the call right the first time and not have thrown out Ron Artest just because he is an OG.

But, the Lakers are going to be hurting next game for sure. They are going in Houston, have all the fans in the building pissed off at them, and no steady veteran PG. We are feeling a big game from Farmar, or it might just be the BG’s.



  1. hoopsfan May 8, 2009

    I think Fisher should have been suspended for more than one game. That was one of the most vicious hits I can remember in NBA play and it was completely intentional and did not involve a play on the ball. (I’ll bet NFL scouts took notice, this guy can block like a mule). Fisher’s actions were 10 times worse than Rafer Alston’s yet the amount of games suspended is the same? Doesn’t make sense to me, turning me off on the NBA.


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