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Damn! NBA Ref Monty McCutchen Flips Out on Someone During Western Conference Finals Game 2


With 4:27 left to go in the 2nd quarter, seasoned NBA ref Monty McCutchen, lead official for Game 2 of the Western Conference Finals, decided that he heard enough complaining from an unidentified source and flipped out.

TNT cameras picked up McCutchen screaming the following twice:

I’m running this game, you’re NOT!!!

Although it is unclear exactly who McCutchen was punking, as cameras were focused on Serge Ibaka as he prepared to shoot a free throw, it appears that it was either in the direction of the Thunder bench, or at a Spurs player for complaining about the prior foul which sent Ibaka to the line.

Either way, it is obvious that McCutchen was the type of dude that didn’t like to share his toys when he was a child and/or was the victim of some extreme torment, likely the backlash of years of wedgies, melvins and/or wet willies from the bigger kids.

Considering how many techs were dished out in Game 2, I’m curious to hear some of the other ref outbursts that the mics didn’t pick up.

[an #AYBM goes out to @mr_carlyle]


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