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Damn! LeBron Tricks Off Another Game For The Heat + Spoelstra Says Players Cried After Loss


The Heat tricked off another one against the Bulls in the first game of ABC’s doubleheader Sunday, extending their losing streak to 4 games and getting swept (3-0) in the season series with Los Bulls.

Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra said that several players were crying the locker room following the loss, a statement that has drawn some mixed criticism from the masses.

Some have questioned the decision to talk about how the team is reacting behind closed doors, as if that isn’t the status quo nowadays…..[MORE]

Whilst crying in basketball may be taboo in some circles, there ain’t nothing wrong with dudes shedding some tears following the emotional roller coaster of a difficult loss. Especially when they know that the team isn’t reaching it’s full potential.

If they were cracking jokes and doing elephant walks then maybe there would be something to be concerned about.

The proverbial LeBraterade has been spewing from LeBron’s haters and we’ve maintained some relative silence in regards to the Heats recent penchant for tricking off games.

But where as the average square might consider jump off the ship right about now, we’re still rolling with LeBron and his team.

It is true that the Heat have been terribly inconsistent since returning from the All-Star break, going through some of the same bumps that they experienced earlier in the season when they got off to that 9-8 start.

Coupled with their nasty record (1-8) against the Top 5 teams in the NBA, the squad is getting sharted on constantly by the mainstream media and detractors of LeBron’s decision to join forces with Wade and Bosh in Miami.

Time will tell on the Heat, as it stands right now they are going to make the playoffs and I don’t think that any team in the East would look forward to that draw.


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