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Damn Kirk Synder Done Went Crazy…


Our dude Kirk Synder done lost his mind and messed around and got arrested by them people. They are saing he broke ladies window and ran up her crib and started whooping her husbands ass. While he was sleeping! Then when he was on his escape, like a dumbass he let the ckick pull off his hoodie off and ID him.

And we were just like damn. The triv part is that this all went down at 4am and the chick lived right around the corner from him. All the poe=poe’s had to do was goto his crib and pick him up. We say Kirk must have been sleeping with the wife and had finally had enough of the husband smashing too and whooped his ass.

But, damn homie, it’s tuff to see you like this, at Nevada you were the man homie….


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