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Damn! Dude Gets Laced With One-Hitter Quitter in MMA Fight After Taunting Opponent


During a recent MMA fight a dude resembling a poor man’s King Hippo learned firsthand why its never a good idea to try and show off for the crowd, as he got laced with a vicious one-hitter quitter and dropped like it was hot.

After taking a barrage of punches and kicks to the dome poor man’s King Hippo tried to play some mind games with his opponent, beating his chest and taunting like he didn’t feel any pain from the thrashing that he had just taken.

But that ended up being Hippopotamus shit (no pun intended) as King Hippo eventually got dropped with a grill shot that didn’t even look that bad in comparison to the shots that he had just taken.

Sometimes it be like that though.

Video of the one-hitter quitter during a random MMA fight after the jump…


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