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Damn! Chris Paul Puts J.J. Barea On Roller Skates With Killer Crossover


Now that the season is back underway Clippers guard Chris Paul felt the need to do a little clowning around against the T-Wolves on Tuesday night.

After T-Wolves mini guard J.J. Barea tried to get all up in Paul’s kool-aid during a possession, CP3 decided to cross him worser than Fredo did Michael Corleone, sending Barea flying backwards in the process damn near 15-20 feet away from Paul.

CP3 then proceeded to look at Barea for a few seconds, to hammer in the  fact that he just put him up on skates like he was Roller Girl from Boogie Nights, finishing off the play with a jumper and holding up his form as an exclamation point.

CP3 may have clowned Barea with the killer crossover but surely Barea will gain some comfort in the fact that his boo, a former Miss Universe, is way dimer than Paul’s boo, not a former Miss Universe.

And to add further insult, the T-Wolves won the game.

Video of CP3 vicious crossover on Barea after the jump…


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