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CSUN Coach Admits to Taking Dump in Future Wife’s College Bathroom

CSUN Jason Flowers Takes Dump Wife's Bathroom


After more than 11 years of marriage CSUN women’s basketball coach Jason Flowers and his wife and CSUN softball coach Tairia know pretty much everything about each other. The couple met in college when they were both standout athletes at UCLA and both ended up at CSUN (the valley ain’t so bad) so they obviously spend a great deal of time together.

Recently the Flowers’ sat down with Fox Sports’ Rahshaun Haylock to see just how well they know each other as they were asked a series of questions and put through the ultimate test.

By far the funniest moment came when both were asked “What is the most embarrassing thing Jason has done around Tairia?” and both managed to get the correct answer holding up the following cards

Jason:  Used the facilities when we were first dating

Tairia: Used my college bathroom

Hopefully Jason at least managed to quick flush so the smell didn’t linger for 35-45 minutes.


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