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Creeper Alert…New York!


Now this 35 year old youth girls basketball coach is just wrong. She got arrested for not only having sex with a 16 year old boy, but getting drunk with him before hand. Now we know the lady doesn’t have any excuse for what she did, but at least the kid can blame it on the ah-ah-ah-alcohol!

And the woman, who teaches and coaches a private elementary at a school called Holy Name School in AuSable Forks didn’t just meet the boy at the hotel room to sex him like most creepers. No. In fact the only reason she was staying at the hotel was because she had brought her son and his friends to a bball tournament in the area.

And the triv part is the police would have never found out if they had not been called to her house a couple of weeks later about a domestic dispute. Yup, you guessed it. Her husband was cussing her out because he had got wind that she had a little too much fun with one of the kids on her last trip.



  1. Jessica Douglass April 30, 2009

    Get your facts straight! Joey is not a teacher at Holy Name School. Joey has volunteered her time for 8 years has a dedicated girls basketball coach! In Joeys defense, she is and always has been a good person and mother. She has always been dedicated to her family. Yes she made a mistake and is being punished for it. I can’t believe this has made national news. You would think that there are bigger stories to write about other than this one.

  2. Miffed May 7, 2009

    Apparently guilty until proven innocent is the way the national news is running now too.

  3. Locks for Love May 24, 2009

    Sorry folks but Ms. Strong is not a CREEPER, just someone whom made a bad choice and is now paying for her actions. If the boy was one year older we would not be so concerned since 17 is legal age.

  4. Astonished July 21, 2009

    I am AMAZED that people are defending her actions! I don’t care if he was almost 17 or not, he is a boy who is not capable of an adult relationship and all that goes along with that. He stayed at her home with her family (including her husband) and was friends with her son. I think it is creepy at BEST! Anyone with any values at all wouldn’t be having sex with her kid’s friend, let alone one that has stayed at her home with her being his adult in charge countless times. It isn’t innocent until proven guilty, it was admitted by both parties. You can sugar coat however you want to, it was wrong and there is no defense that can justify having sex with a minor, under ANY circumstances. Nice to know that people in that area of the North Country think it’s ok to have sex with a minor if he is only a little bit a minor.


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