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Creditors Auctioning Off All Randy Brown’s Rings…


If you have been saving a bottle of champagne, waiting until you won a championship rang then today might be your day. Because you could win the auction for all three of Randy Brown’s Bulls Championship rings from ’96, ’97, and ’98.

All three of the rings are up for auction here. The bidding war is starting at $19,000. A steal when you consider you get all three championship rings including the 1996 Bulls Team ring aka the greatest NBA team of all time. Now that is priceless right there.

And its not like Randy wants to sell them either. Dude had to file for bankruptcy after the Sacramento Kings cleaned house and fired like five coaches (with one of the assistant coaches being Brown). Now unable to pay his bills the creditors came in and are auctioning off all of his materialistic possessions. Sucks for him!


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