Jordan Crawford Tells Melo: KG F*cked Your Wife!

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Credit to SB Nation for providing the GIF.


The Knicks-Celtics series continues to get interesting by the game.  Never a lull in Game 5 – we saw pre-game shenanigans that offered the Knicks dressed in all black – per Kenyon Martin’s request – to demonstrate they were sending the Celtics to their grave.

Beyond that, the post-game saw a skirmish breakout between bench warming Jordan Crawford and Carmelo Anthony where he seemingly tells Melo, “that motherfucker fucked your wife [in reference to KG]“.

Better get some milk because the Honey Nut Cheerios jokes are ready to be poured out in Game 6.

Lost in the mix of this is D.J. White hitting his own teammate Chris Wilcox with a Metta World Peace type elbow to the jaw.  At least we know Wilcox can take a hit.

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