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Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Turns Swag All The Way Up and Raps in Papa John’s Commercial


Cowboys owner Jerry Jones decided to turn his swag all the way up recently, busting out a questionable flow in a Papa John’s commercial promoting the pizza chain’s new “Cowboys 5-Star Combo,” offering a pizza with up to 5 toppings and a 2-liter beverage for $10.99.

In addition to owning America’s Team, Jones is also in possession of numerous Papa John’s franchises throughout Texas, which made his appearance in the commercial a no-brainer.

Despite having a flow that is shittier than a freshly-soiled diaper, the Papa John’s marketing team responsible for the commercial utilized one of the basic tenants of a viral promo:  get an extremely rich, old white dude to break character and indulge in some koonery and buffoonery.

Never fails.

Video of Jerry Jones rapping in a Papa John’s commercial after the jump…


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